How to See if the Domain Name You Want Is Still Available


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Go to and in the box in the center of the page type in the name that you would like to have.  Remember to add the ``.com" or ``.org" to the end of the name.  Do not add the ``www."  Also remember that spaces are not allowed, but dashes, underscores and numbers are.

Try to obtain a name that is either your business name, accurately describes your business, or that contains keywords that people might use to search for a business like yours. 

Your Domain Name is the most visible portion of your web site. Since you are reading this page, you are already aware of the professional presence having a proprietary Domain Name gives your web site.

Once you have found a name that you like and want to have, e-mail us and we can setup an account for you. You can also go to our web page that describes how you can start this process on your own. (You still need a provider for the technical contact portion of the Internic Request Form.)

We are one of the very few ISP's that offer this service for free, but we do require that you have a web hosting account with us.


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