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For security reasons, all CGIs must be reviewed by BNS.  We will notify you if there are any problems with the scripts.  If we have to change or edit them because of security holes, we will charge you $125/hour.  Any script that requires more than 15 minutes of our time to review will also be $125/hr.  This rarely happens and we will warn you before reviewing the script. We also can tutor you on the writing of CGI's for $125/hour. Please note, we have rarely encountered any problems, but we must state this up front for our protection.

BNS Guidelines for creating a CGI script:

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Selena Sol's web site is the best there is on the topic of cgi scripts. His scripts rarely engender security errors and many of his scripts are already in our standard cgi bin directories for everyone to use.  His tutorials are easy to follow.  If you find a cgi script on his site that we don't have, we may implement it for free for you.  If we don't we will tell you why the particular script is not practical on our servers.

We have the most common CGI template, a form handler, available for modifcation to match forms on your Unix-server-based site.  Just give us a call and we can email it to you.  It includes creating an email out of the form, with conformation and acceptance web pages automatically generated.  Warning: this CGI is written in Perl with HTML thrown in.  It's straightforward, but a little difficult for newbies.  If you want us to set up the CGI for you, it would probably take about 1/2 hour, at our regular development rate, depending on the number of fields your form has and other modifications you require.

Remember our policies on CGI scripts.  If you put a cgi script in your personal cgi-bin, you must have us review it first.  If we have to alter or correct it for security holes, we will bill you for our time.  Also if reviewing your CGI takes us over 15 minutes we will bill you for it (this is rare!)  We want to be supportive but we cannot write/correct CGI's for you for free.  We can also tutor you in order to get you up to speed in this special scripting language.

If we find you running a CGI that we have not approved, we will turn off your site - no questions asked and no refunds.  It is an act of trust to allow developers and clients to have them in the first place - please don't make us change our very open policies.

All web sites on the Linux servers are automatically set up to use CGI scripts.  You already have a ``cgi-bin" under the htdoc directory of your site.  Windows NT® sites require certain features to be enabled.  Give us a call and we will set everything up for you, free of charge, as part of our hosting services.  BNS firmly believes in granting web developers a practical level of autonomy on our servers.


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