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If you are using Windows 3.1®,  then download the 16 bit copy of NetTerm.
If you are using Windows 95®, Windows 98®, Windows 2000® or Windows NT®, download the 32 bit copy.

If you are using America Online, please read the document for AOL users before downloading NetTerm.

If you are using Netscape™ to access NetTerm please look at these setting instructions.

The url to download NetTerm is:

Setting up NetTerm:

After you download the NetTerm installation file, click on it to install it on your PC, then run it and do the following.

Select File --> Phone directory.
Use the scroll bar on the right to find an entry called "Telnet Default" and click on it once  - this will be the template.

In the fields in the lower area, type the appropriate data as listed below, and click the Add button at the bottom when done. The fields that are not listed are irrelevant.

Host Name -  primus or aries

Host/IP - or for Windows NT®

Telnet Port - 23

Connection - TCPIP

Emulation - VT320

Keys - VT320

Then click on the connect button on the bottom of the screen. 
It will ask for your logon name and password

If you do not have a password, please contact us to get a password and a logon name.

You can then check your mail using pine - simply type the word ``pine" (no capital letters.)
If you are not familiar with pine, type ``man pine" to get the instructions.

Notes on printing from NetTerm

1. To print the current screen use File --> Print Screen

2.  To save your session as a file for later editing and printing, use either File --> Session Logging... or Edit --> Save Scroll Buffer As...

3.  File --> Session Logging... saves the contents of your session in a file whose name you specify until you click on File --> Session Logging... again to turn it off.

4. Edit --> Save Scroll Buffer As... saves the contents of your current scroll back buffer. You will need to keep the back scroll buffer large enough to capture your session. To increase the size of your scroll back buffer use Options --> Setup--> Desktop and change the value of Scroll back Lines.

When you open the file in a word processor like MS Word®, select all of the text and use a fixed width font like Courier so that the report layout remains intact. Also use a font size of 9 or 10.


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