What All New BNS Customers Should Know


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Guidelines for creating a Password:

As a general rule, passwords should consist of 6 to 8 characters including one or more from each of following: lower and upper case alphanumerics, digits 0 through 9 and/or some punctuation marks.

Your password should not be your spouse's, child's or pet's name. Try not to pick out anything in the dictionary. Your password should ideally be an acronym of an easy-to-remember phrase.
Example: ``My password is easy to remember" = ``MpiEZ2r". 

You should not keep a written copy of your password anywhere it could be found by someone else.  If you must write it down, try to be clever about hiding it.

Don't use the same password everywhere especially on the internet.  I have several passwords I use only on the internet.  These are often stored insecurely like in cookies or transferred via email.  Therefore, someone could monitor your emails to get a password you use everywhere and then use it to break-in on your account.


Always create backups before changing anything on your web site.  If your web site was designed by BNS, please talk to us first, or we may accidentally overwrite your corrections. You should always have backups!
Remember, always save your work periodically.  Avail yourself of it whenever it comes to mind, and definitely whenever you get up from your desk.

How Our Servers Work

BNS has several types of servers.
We have one Linux box dedicated exclusively to e-mail (mail.bnserve.com), one Linux nameserver, two Linux boxes that serve web sites (bnserve.com) and one Windows NT® box that serves web sites. We have a secure server on Windows NT® (secure.bnserve.com) and on the Linux servers.

Because of this, you can have multiple accounts on different machines when you use different services.  Keep track of your passwords on the different machines or tell us when you want to reuse the same password.

Because of the need to access different machines, you could also have different user names.  We try to coordinate the machines so that the user names and passwords are the same, but this may not always be possible.


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