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Our staff has been working on the Internet since its inception and has contributed to some of its basic building blocks.  Our staff is skilled and highly dedicated to your success, which makes it their success.

We strive to offer the best possible environment for web development for the lowest cost.  We have several web developers on our staff, and we can also refer you to associated developers. Our servers are designed with web developers' interests in mind. We have many standard CGI scripts set up on our servers. If you need further information on these, please email us for a listing. We automatically give you your own CGI capabilities so that you can setup scripts with minimum involvement or charges from us.  (We do reserve the right to review your CGI scripts for security holes.)  Of course if you need us, we will be glad to help.

Our services include commercial web site hosting, web site development, server co-location and custom software development.  Our focus is Commercial Web Site Hosting and Development. 

We do not charge setup fees and have no contracts for most situations.

The majority of our business comes from associated commercial web developers. To keep our focus on providing the best commercial web site hosting and development services,  we do not provide dial-up accounts.  Unused portions of advance payments are cheerfully refunded, and we give a 10% discount for a year's advance payment.  We bill quarterly in advance, but if you decide to leave us we will refund any unused portion.

Our connection to the Internet is through 2 T1 lines (1.45 Mbps each) and a partial T3 line.  Backbone providers include MCI, Sprint and BBN Planet.  We will soon upgrade our connectivity with direct connections to MCI, Sprint, UUNET and BBN Planet backbones, through a pair of SONET fiber rings.  Connectivity at the new facility is one hop from the most popular backbones on the Internet, greatly improving response times.

Our web servers are Pentium-powered systems running the Apache web server on Linux, the most popular web server on the 'net. We also have an Windows NT® 4.0-based system running IIS. ASPs and Java™ Servlets are available.

Please see the legal disclaimer on our policies. 


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