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These are some of the people that work for or with us on a regular basis.  They offer some of the same services we do and we would not list them unless we believed them to be of the highest caliber.

Eric Peabody - Eric is the founder of BNS, Inc. and has been involved in the World Wide Web since it's inception and in the Internet itself for over a decade, developing technology for IBM.  Knowing the Internet from the ground up, Eric keeps everything running, teaches classes, programs slavishly and does not sleep.

Joel Peabody - Business Manager/Webmaster.  Joining his father, Eric, in 1999 after spending a few years as a Database Analyst with American Airlines, he designs websites, administers the servers, and keeps the books.  He is a graduate of Syracuse University with a B.A. in English and Textual Studies, a minor in History, and a concentration in Sunlight Deprivation Syndrome.

Marla Camp and Impact Productions - Most excellent graphic designer and commercial artist, Marla's sense for what works is second to none. She works both on the web and in print.

Moyra - Digital artist extraordinaire.  Although her site is on an extended sabbatical, will show you all you need to know.


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