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These are some of the Web Developers that recommend us almost exclusively for their clients' hosting needs.  Most like us because we have setup a server that they can use.  Others like us because our prices are extremely competitive for the services we offer.

Skyboxer - A graphic design firm based in Austin, Texas that can give you the complete menu of visual identity services from logos and letterhead to websites and promotional materials.

Kreativ Design - A graphics design studio based in Richardson, Texas, which specializes in web site design and maintenance.

Joy Design Group - Jim Joy and company are based in Austin, Texas.  They are responsible for some of the most sophisticated sites that we host.

Who else?  Maybe you?

Wouldn't you love to have an ISP that gives you a separate cgi-bin for free with each domain?  How about telnet and ftp access?  BNS does this for free as well.  How about no setup fees so you can quickly get your client up and running?  We do that too, and at $25 a month, we really can't be beat on price.

We also have Cold Fusion™ Access, Secure Servers, and SQL Access at a fraction of the price that the majority of ISP's charge.  We will also be offering special classes just for ``Our Associated Developers."

We want to put together a large group of Web Developers that we premiere on our site and that receive special service and training from us.  We have reseller contracts available as well. Please contact us about it.

We prefer not to advertise.  The majority of business we receive is from other Web Developers desperately searching for a inexpensive hosting service that will let them implement highly sophisticated interactivity and special features on their clients' sites.   

Why is BNS so affordable?  We do not believe in spending a lot of money on advertising, and we do not handle dial-ups.  Our reputation, a sterling one we might add, is built solely on word-of-mouth and dedication to the tasks we undertake.


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