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1 Initial Consultation - We discuss your needs and budget, design expectations and costs. We collect your available marketing collateral and use it, along with our discussion, to develop an initial design and structure. There is no charge for the initial meeting.

2 Design Proposal - We present the proposed design and alternatives and the implementation costs. Once both the design and costs are accepted and signed, we begin laying out the site. At this point, payment for the Initial Design phase is due.  The Design is yours; should you choose to have the site implemented elsewhere, this design proposal can help you develop accurate cost estimates.

3 The First Review - Once the site layout and proofs of graphics are complete, another consultation is scheduled to be sure that you are pleased with the design.  We review the site's look and feel and the outline of content. (Sometimes several such reviews are needed for especially large or complex web site designs.)  At this meeting, a predetermined payment is due.  Development and Consultations are billed at our hourly rate of $100.   Graphics work is also billed at an hourly rate determined by the artist, usually $100.  Professional editing services are also available, and charges vary with the editor but range from $25 to $50 per hour.

4 Dress Rehearsal - With the site completed to your specifications, we publish your web site to the server in a private location.  You can then test and evaluate it to check the flow of the layout and that the content and appearance meet your approval.  We collect and implement your final corrections.

5 Final posting - With your approval, we collect the final payment and post your site under your domain name on the web server.

6 Search Engines -  The site is posted to the predetermined number of search engines.

7 Marketing - If the client has requested marketing assistance, we research and post press releases to appropriate net publications and newsgroups. We can also monitor the newsgroups and answer appropriate questions in regards to your web site and products.  This is billed on an hourly basis.

8 Updating - Web site maintenance is available on an hourly fee schedule. Web maintenance consists of updating the site with the new links to other web sites and resubmitting the site to various search engines so as to maintain a high ranking. 

9 Monitoring Search Engine Ratings - We can also monitor your ranking on a bimonthly basis with the top ten search engines for $10 a month.


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