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We can make your web site more useful and interactive with the addition of custom programmed software elements. These can range from simple forms to searchable, dynamic databases to integrating third-party systems within your site's framework. Other useful applications range from custom Perl CGIs that let users customize their web site to data driven, on-the-fly graphics production with Java™ technology.

We have written custom software and given instruction in Perl and Java™ for Motorola, IBM, Dell Computers and the State of Texas.  Languages and technologies in which we have delivered commercial applications include:

  • Perl with DBI
  • Java™ & JDBC
  • C/C++
  • CGIs
  • JavaScript
  • JScript
  • VBScript®
  • ActiveX®

Our rate for Custom Software Development is $125 per hour.  It need not be web-related; we have over twenty years' experience in widely varied software design and programming, from number-crunching to database design to project management to software integration.


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