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Additional Disk Space

$25/month per 50 MB

To be billed when exceeded.  We will attempt to email you first.

Additional Transfers

$25/month per 500 MB or fraction thereof on the Linux servers. An Additional $50 per 1 GB or fraction thereof on Windows NT® server.

To be billed when exceeded. We will attempt email you first.

Stand alone Pop E-mail Account W/ Domain Name Reservation


Paid up front.

Additional Domain Name (Alias)


Must already have a site with us.

SQL Server Access

$25/month + programming fees*

includes MSSQL® on Windows NT® or PostgreSQL® on Linux

Cold Fusion™ Access

$25/month + programming fees*

Please call for details!

Database on server


Call us to arrange it

Secure Server Access on Windows NT® and Linux machines


Doesn't include cost of third party certificate.

WebTrends™ Web Traffic Log Analysis
A detailed breakdown of who is visiting your site and what they are looking at.

IMAPI email accounts

$25/month per 25 MB of space per 500 MB data transferred

You can file your email on our server so that you can access it from several different locations.  It is ideal for the business traveler.

Search Engine Indexing Access

$25/month + Development fees if we create Meta tags

Call us to arrange it

FTP Site

$5 a month on Linux
$10 a month on Windows NT®

Call us to arrange it

Dedicated Server Co-Location

Call for prices

BNS can perform all server maintenance functions, or be totally hand-off

Domain Name reservation (Parking)


Must intend to host site-to-be with us.  Note: Internic charges $35 per year for domain registration

Web Site reinstatement for defunct or past due accounts




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